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At Salt Lake Dental Care, nothing makes us happier than a satisfied patient. Even better is when we are able to transform an anxious patient with dental phobia into a state of calm and relaxation. Here are some reviews from actual patients who have used our sedation dentistry services:

I have been in and around the Salt Lake dental field my entire life. My dad was a dentist in Sugarhouse and I have managed a dental and orthodontist office. Part of my job with the orthodontist office was to visit 60-70 dental offices around the valley each month. I got to know a lot of dentists and their teams. I’m happy to say that out of all those offices, I chose Dr. Blackwood to be my dentist and whom I trust. He reminds me of my dad, a truly good man and dentist who treats and sees each patient as a person and is genuinely interested in them and giving them his best work. Dr. Blackwood is extremely knowledgeable, skilled, and uses the latest materials. He has a soft touch and his dental work is of the highest quality. His entire team is warm, friendly, experienced, and takes the time to get to know each patient. They have top notch service and are happy to help with you with whatever need you may have from insurance billing questions to a hygiene question. They make you feel like you are their favorite patient. My last appointment was getting a crown and they took time to explain every step. The best part was that a crown procedure usually has pain afterwards, but I felt almost none. Dr Blackwood even personally called me later that day to check on me. I was impressed. It seems that the medical/dental culture these days lacks that personal touch that Dr. Blackwood and his team provide. They understand that patients are real people and not just a name on their schedule. I highly recommend Dr Blackwood!
Jaime Summerhays

: I never thought I would find myself cheering for a dentist until I met Dr Blackwood. In a matter of 2 visits he changed my whole life. I’m not being dramatic. I was missing front teeth and had failed crowns and basically would never smile because someone might see my teeth (or lack of). The first visit was a piece of cake he looked around and we made a plan. The second visit I arrived nervous as usual when I go to the dentist. I was placed in the chair covered up with a warm blanket and before I knew it I was waking up and the work was all done. I didn’t feel a thing and even though it was conscious sedations I slept through the entire visit. After I expected to have pain from the extractions and general jaw pain from having my mouth open for a long period of time. I had very little pain. I have had teeth extracted by oral surgeons and Dr Blackwood blew them out of the water. I had more teeth extracted and less pain with Dr Blackwood. Well would I recommend family or friends? Without question. I was treated with the up most respect and compassion. My daughter will now start seeing Dr Blackwood. She has a dentist phobia and it takes medication to get her to go in. She had her teeth cleaned and said it was the best dental experience she has ever had. Another great point is Dr Blackwood is young and enthusiastic. You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect dentist then have him retire. I think he will be around for a while. You know when you find something great you want to keep it all to yourself, the best kept secret. It goes against my instinct but I will share this best kept secret with you because everyone deserves the best. You should go to MY dentist he is the best hands down. Dr Blackwood look him up it will be well worth your time.
Sydney H.

Two days ago, I underwent extensive dental treatment from Dr. Clint Blackwood and his excellent staff. As I am one of those super-anxious antiquities who wished to avoid a modern-day remake of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” – it was vital that I feel confident and relaxed while receiving treatment. I highly recommend the conscious oral sedation – it was wonderful! Equally as important as technical skill is the following: Dr. Blackwood has a wonderful personality and treats his staff with respect and professionalism. I had seen other dentists behave diffidently, brusquely and callously – that is the kiss of death for this patient. I had also stupidly seen my home-town dentist, whose hyper-insipid hyperbole nearly scared me to death. I am now ready to receive Part Two of my treatments with confidence and ease! Kudos to Dr. Blackwood and his staff – two thumbs up (three if I had them)!!!!!
Annette M.

I have been so impressed with Dr. Blackwood and everyone on the Salt Lake Dental Care team! They are all so warm and welcoming it instantly put me at ease. I had to have some cosmetic dental work done and I was really nervous about it but Dr. Blackwood did an amazing job! I will continue to recommend their office to everyone I know and I am 100% a patient for life!!! 🙂
Lisa Johnson

First, I’m absolutely terrified of the dentist. But this office had a very chill, non threatening atmosphere. The dr was fantastic, fixed my teeth up quite nicely. The sedation I received was in pill form and was just enough to make it a good experience overall. But the dental assistant was the real gem here. She was so sweet and accommodating and made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. Even being terrified of the dentist, I would still like to go back to this office and have more work done when finances permit.
Manda Bear

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